Absentee Bids

If you are unable to attend one of our auctions you can use the form below to notify us about items you are interested in. Absentee bids are just another way we are making it easier for us to be your Northern Michigan Auctioneer.

No Absentee Bids under $50 will be accepted.

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No Absentee Bids under $50 will be accepted.
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Don Hower Auctioneers is hereby authorized to bid on the following lots up to the bid amount listed. Don Hower Auctioneers offers absentee bids as a convenience for clients and assumes no responsibility for failure to execute these bids. Don Hower Auctioneers will also not be held liable for errors relating to the execution of bids for any reason.

I understand that if my bid is successful, the final purchase price will be the sum of the final bid plus any applicable taxes due on the purchase.

Successful bidders will be notified promptly in the days following the conclusion of the entire auction to confirm auction results and to arrange for the immediate payment of the purchases along with shipping costs.

All Bids will be treated as offers made under the Terms and Conditions of the sale as listed in the advertising brochure or auction listing. All bids must be received 48 hours prior to the start of the auction.

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